DefenAge 2 Minute Reveal Masque



See amazing skin-brightening in minutes with this Triple Enzyme resurfacing masque. A blend of ultrafine Sugar Crystals suspended in a gently warming creamy masque, it quickly uncovers the healthy skin beneath surface debris. When used once or twice a week, it helps the products that follow work on the upper skin layers more effectively. Adding water melts the Crystals as you reveal new skin, and an instantly refreshed, younger-looking complexion.Free from microbeads and fragrance.

Once or twice a week after cleansing, dry skin thoroughly. Apply a dollop of masque about the size of a quarter to face and jawline. Using dry fingertips, gently massage masque in a circular motion for 20 seconds or less depending on skin sensitivity. Focus on the nose, forehead, chin, and other areas where blackheads and roughness develop. Avoid the eye area. Wait 2 minutes. With moistened fingertips, massage until crystals are completely dissolved. Rinse face thoroughly. Follow with 24/7 Barrier Repair Cream.
Not recommended for acne, rosacea, extremely sensitive or abraded skin.

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